September 22, 2009



Es Castellar is a breathtaking zone of precipices, at the northeast coast of the island and very near of the small village of Santa Agnès de Corona. Precipices that fall down dramatically on the sea. As may be seen in the picture above the name of "Castellar" derives from the Castle and is that in this zone one finds a few high places of precipices that are very similar to the walls of a Castle.
From this zone can be observed the islands of "Ses Margalides" that the legend says that Christopher Colón (who according to Nito Verdera's thesis was From Ibiza) put to the Island Margarita of Venezuela this name in honor to these islands.

An excursion downwards is not a bad idea, but is necessary to go well prepared. " Es Amunts " is a northern island area that starts for the west with the Cap Nonó of Sant Antoni, and ends to near San Vicente at the east side.

The colors of the water of the sea contrasts with the green colour of vegetation of the nearby precipices.
It is possible to come down the precipices of this zone, using some paths and these when they do not exist, only there are some slightly risky options... as you can see at this picture.
Ses Margalides is composed by several small rock islands. This island has the endemic lizard which has a black colour. In addition it possesses a natural arch of great size that up to small pleasure boats can pass across.

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