July 16, 2009

Convent´s Church - Santo Domingo´s Church

Church of Santo Domingo
Saint Peter´s Parrish

This church was originally a convent. In 1.835 the last monks left the Convent. Nowadays the old Convent building belongs to the City´s Town Hall. Originally the Convent´s was the today´s Jesús Church, but due the dangerous berberisch pirate´s attacks the monks went in to the more safe old town inside of the defense city walls.

Some interesting pictures were found some years ago.
This Church is located in Dalt Vila the old part of Ibiza City declared in 1.999 by Unesco World Heritage.
This is the Chapel of Our lady of Roser. Somedays mass is celebrating in this Chapel instad the main altar of the Church.
The Christ of the Cemetery is the image with major popular fervor of the island. The name comes from the place where it was (that maybe coincides with the one that is nowadays), and that was the cemetery of the friars of the convent. This image dates back of at least the year 1.625 that is when they place this image in the choir of the church. In 1.730 a beam makes exploit nearby the polvorín of Saint Lucia. 15 dead people and big damage in the temple. Miraculously the image remains totally unharmed. At the end of the XVIIIth century the Archduke Luis Salvador is a witness of as any ship on having gone out or to enter of the port hoists the flag or greets with a cannon-shot to the image that was as today looking at the sea, though apparently it was in a chapel outdoors of the temple and in view of the crafts. In 1.864 a terrible and great epidemic destroyed the island of Ibiza decimating and very much the population of the island. The survivors come to pray in front of the image of the Christ to implore the protection. The epidemic for on the verge of the City, motive by what the devotion is so extended in this image.
The image was burned during the civil war in 1.936 and thrown the remains for the neighboring cliffs. In 1.938 was blessed the new image.

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