October 10, 2016


Ses Margalides islands are small islets that are right in front of "Ses Balandres" a precipitous area in the northeastern part of the island, where there are stunning rock formations of great beauty.
In some areas there are totally vertical rock walls falling into the sea. Here the huge amounts of rock combined with numerous pine trees that exist in this area makes of this place a real green lung of this island.
Inside the big island of Ses Margalides exists a huge hole where some ships can pass through it. As a curiousity In these islets inhabit lizards of black color. Of course is not easy to get into this islets due to the islets formation, easy to see on these pictures.
This place is visited by tourists drawn by the beauty of this place, so they come to enjoy this area and its views. The Sunsets are of the most beautiful on the island.
Ses Portes del Cel, along with "Es Castellar" have a form of semicircle that make the place an exceptional site.
There are several paths that lead us to the cliffs bottoms, but we must be very careful in some sections due to its difficulty.
And as indicated earlier, the sunsets in this place, a magical color and atmosphere of quiteness is created.
Any time (except at night) is a good time to visit this place where the green of the pines and the blue sea mixed with the color of the rock that is omnipresent in this site.

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