June 28, 2011



Although commonly known as Illetes are actually long beaches at the north side of the island of Formentera, the llevant means east side is referred to as "platges Llevant" and at the west side are located the famous "illetes" the name is because right in front are several small islands and so give the name.

Visit Formentera is always a great pleasure, but specially at down season as the beaches are empty but not that lonely neither as there is little human presence, as well as the colors of its waters along with the sand by step, without completely flat tracks and give an even is more wild on these shores over next days it will be packed.

But while these tourists arrive, the time can be taked to do with all the tranquility of a gentle walks along the shore or even venture to do some surfing. This beach is nearly two miles long, so it can not be considered small, if we cosider the island dimensions.

These very long sandy beaches are occasionally alternating with a more rocky area. Usually the lift area is where there exists more waves than in the west, although this depends on the wind direction and if there is a lot of waves in an area, we can very easily access the other where to find it completely quiet and calm sea.

the lucky first tourists of the season or the last ones, can go for long solitary walks (if desired) treading the fine white sand contrasting with the sea so transparent and clear. It is a pleasure to see these gorgeous beaches that other resorts of the world would like to have... Often is said that Formentera is the last Mediterranean paradise, and I hope it keeps that way, as it is now.

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