April 15, 2010



One of the most beautiful white churches that locates at the center on this small but beautiful village, with the peculiarity that is the only town in Ibiza with two etymological names. Sant Rafel de Sa Creu (possibly cross reference to the crossroads that took place previously in this place) & Sant Rafel de Forca. This town is located in the center of the island, while competing with Santa Gertrudis on this subject.

The main square is dedicated to Joan Cardona Marí and is the heart place of this quiet village. In this square there are superb views to the city of Ibiza. The square is dominated by a monument to one of the most illustrious men of the island he was born here in Sant Rafel and is a sculpture signed by Hormigo as well as others r scattered around the island. Joan Cardona Marí followed the steps of Isidor Macabich and agreed in many aspects since both were priests and historians in addition to canons of the Ibiza´s Cathedral.

Joan Marí Cardona was the founder of Radio Popular de Ibiza, which was the first radio network on the island. It also has an extensive bibliography of written works. la isla.

Not far from the "center" of this small town can enjoy the Ibizan countryside and there are many almond trees, carob trees and some olive trees surrounding this small town.

Also, many fruit trees that stand close to the typical Ibizan buildings so common in this place.

Ibizan architecture is present in the heart of this place. Therefore there is no shortage houses with big walls whitewashed.

In Sant Rafel anything is possible. The absolute tranquility, the best restaurants and even the biggest club in the world, which is relatively close to this town, but far enough away to ensure the ease with which this town has.

This place is where many couples decide to get marry. Many of the most famous wedding between famous people have taken place in this town, even the very Princep and princess of Spain attended a wedding here few years ago.

The porch of the church is a meeting place that is surrounded by restaurants and where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding places.

In his church there are two large painting pictures which are very curious, since one is the representation of a Nativity where shepherds use the costumes festooned with Ibiza and another by the same author just off the main entrance where you can see some New Testament passages, with landscapes of the island, and Christ walking in Punta Galera, the Cap Nono become a kind of Mount Golgotha or Jesus carrying the cross and passing in front of the Cathedral of Ibiza.

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