April 30, 2010



Es Freus is the name that is known the narrow area between the island of Ibiza and Formentera and is made up of many Iroquois and islets, among them highlighted the Illa dels Penjats and S 'Espalmador. Some much smaller the rock d'es Daus (pictured above) was the cause of the collision and sinking of the ship "Don Pedro", outside the port of Ibiza in the summer of 2007.

These 6.3 km between the two islands of Ibiza and Formentera, consisting of a series of islets and islands of remarkable beauty, ideal for a leisurely day sail, but there is not always good weather in this area, which is also an area with frequent and strong currents.
Therefore is essential the aid to navigation installed there as lighthouses in this area as well as an additional aid in the form of numerous bright beacons to perform maritime maneuvers safely. Although this area is unfortunately a very common marine casualties and incidents.

Two of the most spectacular lighthouses onto the Balearic Islands are these ones in this area, the lighthouse called d´en Pou at the north of Espalmador but located on a separate islet and the island des Penjats (hangings island, from the pirates era). The whole area has great ecological value and is located within the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

Es Freus comes from the Latin "fretus" (narrow), The resident people closest to the area was formerly called "Ses Portes (doors) as it is called the guard tower south of Ibiza close to this area .

Arriving or departing to or from Formentera is special when mixed scenically beautiful area of sand dunes north of Formentera with dunes South Island Espalmador with crystalline turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

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