May 11, 2010



During three days Ibiza City returns to its medieval past and prepares special decoration streets and an awesome medieval market all over.

UNESCO in 1999 declared "World Heritage" the Old Town of Ibiza (Dalt Vila), and because it was decided since then to a medieval festival in this frame every second weekend in May, creating the Medieval Market.

Three days of intense activity in this city and where both locals and visitors can enjoy so many activities. One way to return to the past times ...

Troubadours, musicians, mystics, soldiers, Carthaginians, peasants, witches .... for everyone there is a place in this megafestival.

Also there are a big offer of classical concerts in which mainly dominates the Baroque classical pieces. This concerts are performed with the silent enviroment of the Church in Santo Domingo´s church (former dominican convent) or at the cathedral.

Adlib fashion boutiques, share these three days with other clothes and fashion, such as dresses and suits a little "retro" and even habits of the Templars.

Falconry also have their place here, where you can see the flights of domesticated falcons, eagles, owls, or some foreing variation from out the island as this vulture which shares its curiosity with the many visitors who camped around him.

We can observe from ancient writing methods, useful at the time, tools, etc...

The spinning wheels of the ancient tales are also present in the streets of the city. With an ideal presentation with the latest medieval fashion.

Soldiers, guards, minstrels, jesters, knights, Templars, monks .... all visitors are walking through them ...

The mythological Fates these days become reality in this city. They weave the thread of life, the products that visitors can purchase.

Crafts, and products that can not usually find in the stores can be buyed in here, and for that many visitors are taking advantage of these three days to buy things they can only do so at this time.

The city and the walls are decorated to receive the flood of visitors who can barely move in some of these narrow streets of Dalt Vila.

The medieval girls smile at visitors to the third millennium and share their everyday medieval to contemporary XXI.

Women who strive and work as they were at that time. Some of these works a few decades ago is still performed with some frequency in the island.

Or men with their hands make big baskets or anything that can make with "esparto" or similar ......

Peasants gather to work and sell what they do during those days in this strange market.

Delicious meat also in avalaible in this great medieval market. Made on the grill and where the smell of meat is distributed through the streets, stimulating the appetite of the tired visitors.
Three days that are already part of many visitors dates in their diaries.
The second weekend of May.

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