May 29, 2010



Ibiza is an island, being situated at the crossroads of continents, near the coast of Africa and Europe and is a strategic crossroads of civilizations, an ideal location for the raids of pirates and other elements needed for the protection of its people in some ways self-defense to avoid these most dangerous attacks from outside and both instilled panic to its peaceful inhabitants. Many romances and legends mention some of these terrible attacks and abductions of its peaceful inhabitants were uprooted and were treated as slaves to the Berbers, Turks and Africans.

For that reason, built along the coast of Ibiza, some watchtowers to alert the public as soon as they could see an enemy ship approaching to the coast of the island. Specifically this tower is the northernmost of the island. It is located in the port of Portinatx, XVIII century and curiously, it's the least known of them all. It is located on a share of 45 meters and there is a nice view over the coast of Na Xamena. Unfortunately it is in an area urbanized wildly, but it is particularly interesting visit. Their features are similar to the Torre des Cap des des Sabinar or des Joeu in Cala D'hort. The original Carlton we have anything left on the tower. Never had artillery and was used only as a watchtower .

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