June 06, 2010



Sant Antoni de Portmany has become the mecca of the worshipers of decadent artificial sunsets. Maybe it's not the one I recommend to my friends, but must recognize that global impact has been following a number of renowned establishments that made them famous.
Due the big amount of emails I received asking to see these sunsets into my blog, here it comes....

Therefore an hour before the sun disappears into the horizon, people start to flutter in the area of these famous bars, and one can see sunlight as loose and as the breeze is becoming dormant. As background to the lengthy islet Conejera show the profile on the horizon.

Some of the spectators go directly to the terraces on the promenade along the bars where throught speakers it is possible to hear the chill out music, and that one with another attempt to attract the largest concentration of people possible, but there is another "alternative" in front terraces, those with plastic bags full of alcohol that will prefer to show the sunset from the rocks, few meters in front the terraces.... bottles, plastic bags of stores open 24 hours, and papers scattered on the rocks give way to the spectacle of hiding the greater light.

If we walk a bit further, we can find much quieter places where there are many fewer people, and where there is also a kind of photographic competition, as the sun goes down slowly.

Another high-flying alternative is to look more closely at the sun, pretending to do as Icarus. A very fresh way to enjoy the sunset.

At last the sun touched the Mediterranean, leaving a beautiful appearance on the horizon, just before disappear until the next morning.

And another not so beautiful image on the rocks where the daily ritual based on bottle or terrace with chill out is what prevails. Saying bye to the sun with a resounding applause.

For the most romantic, or those enemies of marketings, you know that I advise you to see a more peaceful sunset in many places along the west coast of Ibiza, with a silence and tranquility far removed from these shows that also (as seen in the images) have their public.

Furthermore, as a culmination to the hide of sunlight, a fire show starts. It's time to alternative performances, some very impressive and left more than a gasp from the tourists. Depends on the day and place some really worth to wait and see them.

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