June 28, 2010



I must admit that today I am quite happy regarding the visitors of this blog which has being visited more than 75.000 times, (of course, I am talking about the spanish edition), for this reason I have created a Power point with some of the pictures of this island. If you wish to have a copy of it, please don´t hesitate to send me a mail to me and I will send it to you. Thanks very much to all the visitors.
From the top of Atalaya of Sant Josep (also called Atalaiassa) we can enjoy beautiful views, bird's eye view of much (not all as erroneously says) of the island. for instance, such beautiful views of the Bay of Portmany and background the imposing Cap Nono mountain.

In the south and just before the sun sets at the west side of the island we can see the areas of Cala Jondal, salinas, and the southern tip of the island is the "cap falcó and background the island of Formentera.

Looking at the west side we see a series of islets. These above are the island called "del bosc" and "conejera" where the mythical legend located hutch where Hannibal was born.

I think that day I was not alone in having the idea of going to take some photos. Competition is increasingly fierce .... The site is well worth it.
With the soft light of the sun, when it is dull colors are blurring and becoming magical. The pine forests of the area form a nice carpet full of yellow and green colours, that is wrapped with the last light rays of sun.

The other islets of the west which are those that are visible from Cala Compte, waiting to be wrapped in the darkness of the night and prepared to sleep. The island Sparta, and the Archipelago of "illes Bledes" are other islands that we can see from this point at 475 meters high wich made the highest point of the island.

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