April 07, 2010



Who has the biggest one?, I have declined my self to compare my camera against those big cameras from the other bloggers. Mine is very little and simple but for me is quite enough...
I must say that I have two appointments with other Ibicencans bloggers, and have been a very enjoyable experience. I would like to thank to all of them for that.

The second appointment, Javier Marí, the biggest chief Spotters of Ibiza came, and of course I took the opportunity to immortalize him on a picture (beard and all) with the bell tower of the beautiful church of Sant Rafel, in the heart of the island.

Here Jordi Gavaldá shows Javi the last results of the pictures at that moment. That day we were in middle of a little village as well as at the center of the countryside near that nice village.

Here Joan Costa taken pictures to the hundred of flowers that thanks to the many rains on the island during last winter the countryside show us during this spring.

In our first appointment, we were at the East coast side of the island. The sea was the center of the pictures during that day. Up here we can see Jordi Gavaldá the famous blogger taken pictures with his camera.

That day Javier Marí could not share the day with us, but at the second chance in San Rafael he meet us.
But we are missing someone, and Jordi tries to convince him... by the phone.
Joan Costa taking pictures at the sea shore, we must wait for someone who felt asleep.
The question is.... who´s that...?
Meanwhile waiting Joan & Jordi, are comparing their cameras for the next photo season...

At last!!! Here he comes....!!! Oh Pepe, Shame on you!!!. Always arriving late at all places... this is familiar to me...!! Is Pepe, !!! The great Pepe.

Here we are all four, so time to take pictures... Pepe Roselló doesn´t waste time and he prepares camera and start doing pictures like no tomorrow....
Pepe smiling, great pictures took Pepe during that day....!!!

Jordi taking pictures with his camera?....

.......o even better his cameras????.

Here are the three of them taking pictures. S´estanyol, Cala Espart, Roca Llisa & Sant Rafel are the places that will be shown in this blog soon.
Time for pictures came to the end and Joan is getting ready the camera to take the last pictures of the day with the four of us.
Advise: If you are interested to see the Blogs of them, please click at the name of them, in some there is a link straight to their blogs....

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