March 31, 2010


Last year I went to the city on the good Friday to take some pictures for my blog about the Holy week celebrations into the city of Ibiza, after about at least fifteen years without having seen again. What was my surprise to discover that not only the devotion of these things had not going down as I imagined, but I saw myself difficulties for a place to take some pictures in a place where not crowed. I got it but in fits and starts and in a place where all the fraternities did not went through. Later I knew that from some years ago that not only on Good Friday there is a porcession but each "Cofradía" (brotherhood) makes an own procession before Good Friday.
Although I can not go to them all, this year I decided to see some and can say that they are even better than the own Good Friday´s one. So the first two images in this entry belong to the brotherhood of "Cofradia" of El Cristo del Cementerio (Christ Cemetery), a highly venerated image in the island. This year also was played out in magnificent "portal de ses taules" main entrance to the walled city. The next image (top of these images) of the Virgin de los Dolores and stroll through the narrow streets of Dalt Vila, and the fourth image (bottom of these lines) the procession of "La Piedad" in the neighborhood of La Marina, in the heart of the city. Ibiza is not Andalusia and Castille, but also a spectacular Easter and Holly Week to celebrate. Some people who I showed the pictures of last year asked if I this was in Ibiza, they couldn´t believe it and some of them already lives for more than twenty years on the island.
If you are interested to view more of these pictures please check at the follow link:
Only available in Spanish version.

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