August 16, 2010



Located within the walls, once passed the Portal de ses Taules and the main square, we get to what was the undisputed center point in the walled city now known as Dalt Vila and in 1999 was declared by UNESCO "World Heritage Site".

Sunset is a good time to get to the Plaza de Vila, where the hues of the walls take on a strange ocher color and contrasts of sun and shade are obvious.
In this gate called Portal de ses taules starts the "Dalt Vila" area and from here one can take several alleys that lead us to different areas of the upper area of Ibiza old town.

When sunlight goes down, the restaurants in this historic area, are decorated and in a few hours you will be able to dining by candlelight. With calm, the place will fill up with people from so many different countries as culinary offers exists in this area.

Despite the many restaurants in this area should be better to book a table in some of them, since there is large demand. Besides the restaurants are also plenty of trendy shops, art galleries and antiques. A place with character that could be defined as the "center" of Dalt Vila.

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