August 28, 2010



Located on the cliffs of "Es Amunts" in the village of Sant Mateu d'Aubarca get the nickname of this spectacular bay, this bay (no beach) is an ideal place to pass the rigorous summer heat and down to the morning to enjoy the calm sea and its deafening silence.

The water here is just spectacularly clear and transparent, diving or snorkeling is ideal in these waters, and a spectacular background of rocks and stones in the form of spectacular cliffs that drop dramatically to the Mediterranean.

The area is not too difficult but not easy to access, not at all suitable for people who do not like to walk a big distance and are looking for a beach full of bars, music or shower services. There's nothing here of that.
This was my very first visit to this place, thanks to Jordi Gavalda he is a Catalonian blogger but with Ibicencan heart. I hope to repeat often the visit to this place so it is a place to forget the outside world. Now I only awaiting for the splash and when I'm about to throw myself into the sea...oh no!!!...

Not everything can be perfect, and this year so there was a proliferation of jellyfish few of them were waiting us.... but no matter, we must not get frightened, so jump into the water is a matter of not thinking a lot...
For Jordi (who knows what pain bites of these bugs) are another reason to be photographed. In the picture above we see him taking pictures underwater. Soon exclusive photos of these will be forthcoming in his blog "imatges d´Eivissa".

As he left me his underwater camera, I went swimming in that area, so I was also temptated to enjoy the water inside these transparent waters and I borrowed the camera. A truly amazing seascape.

Cala Aubarca has great ecological and marine value. Infinities of Pines surround the place and sometimes they appear in some strange places.

Some caves are visible from the water, and transparency of these waters are acquiring something unreal colors.

This cove is a symphony of stone rocks, which make this place unique.

Of course I can not stop talking about the terrible fire that was declared at Ibiza Benirrás Area, as also belonging to the area Cala Aubarca "Es Amunts. Many acres have been razed and changed the green forests of the northern island of twisted black wood trees.
For now we hope to continue enjoying the green pines give this place a long time.

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