February 24, 2009

Cala Conta Beach


The summer will be back very soon. And it´s now the right moment to enjoy these group of small beaches at the west of the Island. This colour of the sea, is unique in this island so I dare to say that this is the most Caribbean beach of Ibiza. The colour of the sea (due to the Posidonea) is awesome, and not only that, another thing is the little islands that surrounds this place. The reason to visit now is because in summer is a bit crowed and the quiteness of winter is another reason to enjoy this place.
The small archipielago of the Bledes Islands are located at the west side and at the north you´ll see the Illa des Bosc (The forest island). If the weather permits so, you can reach it swiming. But you have to be carefull because in this waters very often are very strong Ocean surface currents.

At the west side you can see the impressive illa d´Espart, the biggest island around.
Wonderfull sunsents from there every afternoon.

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