February 27, 2009


SALINAS DE IBIZA ( NATURAL PARK) were already in use in Roman ages. From then the Salinas are producing salt.

With very good weather conditions and no winds, you can find a nice reflections on the small lakes of the Salinas. Of course at a very early hours, because around ten o´clock the brise of the air brakes this magic moments.

Nowadays are in project to take out all the electricity cables, as is obvious that the landscape are not no nice with them. Hope they will not take too much time to do so.

This salinas are still in use and producing salt. The doday´s tecnology is not the same at all of some years ago. Some of those are not in use anymore but still we can see them.

The humid zones (humedales) are very important for the fauna that comes on step on their annual migrations. It is very frequent to see here flamingos, herons and other type of non autochthonous species on their transit throught the Island.

Ses salines has it owns port were boats from all Europe comes to load the salt. The port is located very close of the most famous beach of Ibiza, the Playa de Mitjorn more popular as the Salinas beach.

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