October 31, 2013


The Ibiza salt ponds are the main part of the Natural Park of Ses Salines of Ibiza. Extended over an area of ​​approximately 2,800 acres. Seeing the salt ponds from the ground level, has nothing to do with those, who are lucky to see them from the air, because at this point we deployed a colorful visual landscape, reminiscent of a color palette of a painter. This place is chosen by a large majority of birds during their migrations. Some ponds may be visited regularly by many flamingos that spend time here before moving to Africa.
The ponds vary in color from one to other, through tone colors pink, yellow, green, blue and ocher. The ponds are surrounded by green vegetation mountains and the sea. The result of the evaporation of water from these ponds is obviously the salt that appears in some ponds, the salt will be collected and transported by boat to the Iberian Peninsula or to some other european destinations..
it can happen that some cloud greets us before landing at the nearby airport, today we were lucky and we have gone over this impressive and colorfully place and this is not usual to take this air route. In the image below we see a piece of beach, specifically the "es cavallet beach". Also see the top of the same photograph, where is easy to see the Ibiza airport very close to the salt ponds.
There were the Carthaginians who began to exploit these salt ponds which also still in use today, is therefore the oldest company on the island. Had much impact and importance during the Roman period of the island. Today it is one of the most spectacular scenery on the island, but at ground level the beauty is different from the one we enjoyed from the sky.

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