October 02, 2013


Among the islanders is known as "Sa Pujada" the Roman road that in remote times was the only access to the top of the Mola in Formentera. A natural espace in the woods by a historic road on the island of Formentera and with views that will amaze us.
The road does not have too much difficulty, actually is a slope through thick forest during a while and after when it becomes no so thick, lets us see a breathtaking view of the island. It is ideal for an overcast day where we can not enjoy the beach (eg.).
During this way we will see the cliffs on different heights, due the road is always passing near the coast, and in some scraps the way is on a quite considerable height. We're going down to the tourist area of ​​Es Calo. This road in antiquity was much larger than the scrap that remains today of this ancient road.
In December 1993 this road was declared " Bien de interés cultural" (merit of cultural interest) on category of monument.
During our walk we can see amazing things as an old well which dates from 1889. The wells are a constant in this island, where the rain water is a treasure. As a curiosity it is noteworthy that as decor has a plate with the name of Formentera but the picture belongs to a woman with the tipical attire of "Mallorca".
Once at Es Calo if the weather is with us we can take a dip, although the particular day I did not accompany me in the route,. So once reach the sea I was prepared to go back to the top again, although is more complicated, so this time I have to climb up the hill. Anyway I really recommend this route, as contact with nature is assured and the stunning views can be enjoyed from this path.

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