February 13, 2009


Once again as every February 12th, Santa Eulalia celebrates her Saint Patron´s day. Their celebrate about the Saint who lived in Barcelona when Hispania, and she decided to be Cristian. Her death took place on a cross and that´s her icon with the image. The X cross nowadays is as well the symbol of this village and is on the Court of Arms of the village.

This celebration give us the opportunity to go back on the time. So we can see how many years ago, the women went to the church with those customs, and of course with that piece of material on white and black colours, just for religion purposes. So here I can share with you in this pictures how the girls are going in and out of the church and as well follow the procesion.

The Image of Santa Eulalia with that roof that is the icon of the Village (up) and (down) girls following the procesion.

Althought the girls are a bit serious on colours when going to the church the men bring the touch of colours with the sounds of tipical instruments, and as well with red huts, and some red customes.

Once the mass and procesions ends, the girls can take out the piece of the head, and then become a very colourfull dresses and as well a very awesome kind of gold jewels, that they use only in a very especiall ocasions.

Tipical dances are performing in front of the church.
Two images of the procesion (down), the first one with the only image of Saint Mariano that exists on the island and the second the image of the virgin with tipical ibicencan earings, that may be a devoted lady offered to the image.

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