November 17, 2011



This former fishing village has undergone a brutal metamorphosis in the last 40 years. But accustomed to extreme changes also, completely changes from summer to winter offering two completely different faces. Also its image, what was the big tourist attraction and the first arrival of a respectful and polite tourists to the island by Sant Antoni in the seventies, today is the shame in many aspects of the locals and in tourism since the model is actually the model not to follow for any destination wishing a good image for itself, and (that´s the worst) with the approval of some local politicians who look the other way this big problem.

Loud noises, screaming, and drunk tourists of a part of the visitors in this town in summer are now over, and give way to a complete calm in winter and now is hard to remember the bad image of this place (well deserved in other side) that has the people. And it's not for lack of means, as Sant Antoni could be (as it already was) the best destination in Ibiza. Proof of this is the bay that is by far the most beautiful on the island. Another is its port, which along with the town skyline as seen in these images could be an idyllic vacation spot for all audiences (as was, in the past). In any event, Sant Antoni´s sunsets are unique, perhaps even better in winter than in busy summer.

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