August 28, 2011



Very near from where the boat in Formentera arrives, is one of the two small ponds of Formentera, the smallest is actually a bay, quite well protected from strong winds and has a small outlet to the open sea and makes it ideal for anchoring small boats that here are fully protected from strong winds. An afternoon I was going to take the ship to back me in to Ibiza, and I went to the pond and when the sun was falling on the horizon, I was offered this print backlit silver and windsurfers were flying inside this lake with a stage full of local small fishing boats.

Although other sports like kitesurf have moved a bit back to this classic sport sea, which still have many supporters, as we see in Formentera where still is very popular. Sails up to the wind and swell with strength and power are the ones who move must overcome all the obstacles in the form of small boats which they should avoid.

The Windsurf has its origins in the 30's when a man named Tom Blake tired of rowing thought a way to move through the water that would be with a single sail. In the 60's popularized the sport and yet much still remains their supporters.
Here the viewer will also enjoy watching the sails moving almost in unison, and occasionally sails on the horizon disappear and reappearing shortly afterwards and seeing how they go on and come from a comfortable terrace with a beer or sometimes from the beach or shore and going up, and surfers, enjoying being able to walk or sometimes fly over the sea.

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