September 06, 2011



The Saltworks of Ibiza were the first industry on the island and it seems that the Phoenicians began to exploit themselves there around in 600 BC, later other cultures that inhabited the island temporarily continued with the production. The salary as such we know today were once paid in salt, and that was well knew by Romans who also settled the island and exploded the saltworks as well.

Their square shapes make their ponds retained water usually flat and that the landscape as well as the walls that divide the pond are reflexed, which is that being as they are a very interesting natural landscape also have their more abstract image.

During the sunsets, all is fully reflected, not only the landscape but also the multi-colored sky as the time pass, it changes making this place a very pleasant area. I have to mention too the declaration of Ibiza that the World Heritage Site by UNESCO includes both saline are in Ibiza and Formentera

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