September 29, 2011



Ibiza and Formentera are gradually popular due to wines made on both islands. Before that the locals inhabitants did their wines in relatively small amounts at own homes in a totally traditional ways. Ibiza wine is often referred as "Vino de la Tierra" (land´s wine). It has strong flavor and dark red color, while there is another variety of white wines. A long time ago the Phoenicians made wine, so it´s a long tradition. Currently there are four wineries that are responsible for making wine commercially in large quantities. Do not forget that in the northern town of Sant Mateu de Aubarca is celebrated during December annually a festival dedicated to the wine of Ibiza.

little by little are appearing more vineyards on the Pitiusan fields such as these photographed in the area of ​​La Mola in Formentera in the highest part of the island of Formentera and where I walked for a few narrow dirt roads that made ​​me discover some planted areas with vineyards.

These vines with green leaves and twisted stems, contrasting with the stone walls or the many junipers in the islands. The red soil where these plants grow very well resisting the great summer season with little rain and as it is known, when less rain, more fine wines.

It is a pleasure to stroll through the upper part of Formentera surrounded by vineyards and the background of the famous lighthouse of La Mola on the verge of some impressive cliffs.

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