October 12, 2011


Immaculately white as all churches of Ibiza, this building was not a church but a chapel, but begun as an oratory in the eighteenth century for people working in tough conditions indeed, in the Salinas (salt flats). This chapel is very close to the beach of Es Cavallet and surrounded by nature and a few houses that form a graceful tiny village.

In the altar exists a religious image (even today when no longer is a religious building) of the Virgin of Fatima (do not know why), also ignored the curious fact that on the facade has a shield of Castile and Leon, as well as the nearby tiny church of Sant Francesc. Ibiza in the past belonged to the Kingdom of Aragon, but not to the Kingdom of Castile.

From its doors are easily visible the near salt ponds, with its distinctive flat landscape and square. The pristine white exterior of the chapel often contrasted with the deep blue Mediterranean sky and the gray trunks of the fig or prickly pear greens around the small building.

I take this entry to announce that this blog celebrates during this days the third anniversary since it was born in early October 2008. Thank you very much to all visitors, all who have commented both by mail or directly by the blog and I hope you´ll keep visiting this blog and will continue enjoying it. a big hug to all of you.

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  1. Sa Revista....calle la revista 13. Es Cavaettes San Jose.