October 31, 2011



Although seems that this year will cost much more to do so, but the winter season already is here. Now days are getting shorter and longer and cold at nights are more comun, although during the day temperatures are still quite warm. The beaches and coasts are increasingly showing up again deserted and the quiet winter is appearing along the coast.

In Formentera exists a small and charming cove called Cala En Baster or Cala den Baster, I prefer the second name. There is little sand, some rocks and when the waters are calm is a good place to take a dip.

The most significant of the this creek are caves made ​​by the hand of man, especially by sailors to "park" their small fishing boats. During the summer are daily sailing the nearby waters, but when winter comes, then they hibernate in their caves, as well as those famous lizards hibernate in winter in Formentera.

The long timbers that are used to carry boats to the sea, now are falling apart with the force of the sea, the boats begin to rust, but in spring it will remove the rust that has produced winter inactivity, will be re-painting and getting ready to navigate again.

From their caves the lonely boats left here with the view of the small cliff that rises in front, which offers a unique view of the tiny bay.

A well-deserved winter break for these vessels, that will be there to save the raging sea that hits the rocks nearby, with perhaps only visit of a visitor to photograph the ocher-walled caves, carved out by wind or the owner of the boat to check that the small boat is still there awaiting for the weather to improve and again to go sailing.

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