August 19, 2011



The Cape de Barbaria indicates the end of the island of Formentera on the west side, becomes the own Formentera´s Finisterrae. It is located there a lighthouse that is situated at an altitude of 78 meters above sea level and over a cliff. Barbaria's name seems to come from the nearby Barbary Coast from where the pirates and the consequent danger for the population came time ago.

This lighthouse became famous because when it was the image of a Spanish film that was shot a few years ago on the island, and appeared just behind the starring. To reach this lighthouse, a long narrow road takes a fairly desolate landscape and just sorrounded by savinas, (tree native of the island).

Perhaps this is one of the best places in Formentera to enjoy a nice sunset as it is situated on the west side of the island. There also exists lizards that live in this area with a distinctive and impressive blue color that only exist in the southwestern part of the island.

night falls the lighthouse´s light slowly begins to flash soft at first, then stronger, and is guiding home the boats that navigating in the dark of night are looking for their port, but at the same time give us a good show of light to those have come during this time of the day when the sky gradually darkens.

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