August 06, 2011



Despite the name, it is not an island, but a sort of peninsula or isthmus, which is located on it a great mansion. One of the finest homes in which there has been speculation who would be the lucky owner of it with a pool of names and mysteries surrounding the possible ownership of that property.

This place is located in the port of San Miguel and is quite visible from within the port located just north of the island of Ibiza.

As we approach there, we see in more detail from the short distance of the mansion and surroundings, Ibiza certainly has a number of oddities large as housing is concerned, and this is a good example.

You can find some more information in the net, including fake pictures that looks like a real island due the isthmus is erased. the reality is that island is perfectly reachable by car.

We can see very well the gardens and that the white color predominates in the house, certainly a luxury available to few people.

The isthmus that separates the "island" of the island of Ibiza is an area that on one side is rocky and in the other is a beach called Playa des pas. On the other hand is a good view from the tower just above the cliffs and not just of this small island, but also all the view of around the port of San Miguel and as well as all this north of the island.

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