January 15, 2009



Is not easy to definy in exactly terms what is Ibizan architecture, but undoubtedly definitions as simple and white, the unpolluted white of the Ibiza architecture, by which Ibiza was called the " white island ". The whitewashed walls are always in any house as well as in Ibiza churches, though in occasions they appear also with the nake walls showing directly the stone. To whitewash walls is a practice that is supposed concerns to the Punic epoch. In the picture above we can see an indispensable detail in the roof of sabina.'s tree, girders arches in the "porches", straight walls in the rest .... and the touch of color with the doors and windows, is rather free to interpretation of everyone. Very thick and bulky walls, which do that the houses support fresh temperature in summer and warm during winter. Windows that are more narrow outdoors part that indoors, imitating a bit to the former strengths and fortresses that were on the Ibicencan churches.

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