January 07, 2009


Some days ago, I had in my hands a very interesting book of old pictures of Ibiza. When I see books like those, I wished to be on those days of the old and real Ibiza. Of course those days have gone, but looking carefully some of those pictures, I reminded some pictures i took on the Saint Mathew´s day, in the small village of Sant Mateu, at the north of the island, where the "colla d´Eubarca" gave a special old atmosphere to that day. I thought that if i do a small work with those pictures, they could be like those old pictures of the book. So I tried and here are the results. May be they look like the pictures book, with those photos made on the 60´s or 70´s but they were taken just three monthes ago....


  1. Hope this is not duplicating as I have already done it once and lost it from the page. I have been looking at lots of the beautiful photos on this blog and your English is good too. Ibiza is certainly a beautiful Island. Your sidebar gives the time as the same as UK. I expected it to be one hour ahead.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog! and i must add you really did well with 'aging' these photo's. Good job!

  3. What beautiful costumes everyone is wearing. I like seeing people celebrating their local customs, it's so energizing to know people are still connected that way.