January 11, 2009


Santa Eularia des Riu down the FULL MOON

This month I had the chance to see the full moon from Santa Eulalia and started with some clouds that after went out. So the spectacle did not defraud. Not only I could take images of the "Puig de Missa" with the church in the high of the mountain, but from the beach of the city with the reflection of the moon in the sea, a few threatening clouds that did not remove but added beautyness and the solitude of the beach illuminated by the moon with the parasols of esparto waiting the summers tourists.

Santa Eulalia is surrounded of forests which offer the aspect of above with the full moon and this one surrounded with shades of pine and sabina trees.

Down this lines a picture of Puig de Missa, the hill with the church of Santa Eulalia at the top.

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  1. Beautiful shots of the moon. I was lucky to capture it my self last night.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.