January 23, 2009

SANTA AGNES DE CORONA on their date.

The Small village of Santa Agnès at the north of the island, as every january is ready to offer the flower white show of the almond-trees, it seems that this year this will happen in about ten days. Then again we will be able to see a big amount of people walking around the white scenary of the country of this nice village. The last January 21th is the holiday party of the locality, the almond-trees already gave us a small appetizer and some shy almond-tree flower put his white color out matching with the white church of the town.

This celebrations have left us a beautiful prints of the rural Ibiza. The procession goes around the old way procession passes for the old way (dirt road) that borders the church and that is not open to cars. The prints are specially beautiful because the landscape is full of trees and walls of stone.

As all the churches of the Island, Santa Agnès also has her flag or banner with the image of the Holy one that goes out in front of the procession. The red colour remembers that Santa Agnes was a martyr Saint.
The history tells that the Roman Santa Agnes had great beaty, and was one of the firsts martyrs Christian. The name Agnes comes from latin Agnus (means Lamb) that is what goes in a hand. her history anyway seems to be excessively distorted.
Here we can see the image in procession surrounded with people who with respect and devotion extracts her holy Saint Patroness walking along these beautiful landscapes of this village that honours her every January 21st.

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