January 04, 2011


Es Amunts is the most rugged mountainous area of the island of Ibiza, located at the north side of the island. And endless lush forest and spectacular cliffs above the sea are the best known landscapes of this place, mixed with sea views and the most rural area of the island.
So we organize an excursion around Es Amunts, so we were celebrating the starting of a new year.
A part of the landscapes were very rural and countryside, offering a spectacular green, full of vegetation.
We took chance to search mushrooms, during the walk, although not lack at all of good humor all day long prevailed during the first site of the day, because the second part of the day fatigue takes hold of some if not all on us.
While walking along the paths in the forest, we saw some old buildings that were used by shepherds to keep the herd at night in case they had to sleep out in this area. At least they could have a place to spend the night down a roof.

Although we are in the north of the island, if we look from the top of mountains, the view extends to the south, and we can even see the top of the famous island of "Es Vedra" due its 382 meters above sea level.
Such a large area of forest in summer requires constant vigilance to prevent forest fires or other natural misfortune. Unfortunately as we experienced during last summer we still have some of them, those awful events affects the flora and fauna of this island.
Despite the threatening weather of the previous day, it changed to cloudless skies and the day let us enjoy a magnificent sunny day that filled the landscape on green, very green, mainly because the big amount of mediterranean pine and the island's native flora.
Another thing we can observe, is the holes on to rocks, they were used as a place were animals and herds could drink. Here we call them "es cucons"
Thanks to the cooperation of this lovely lady, we kneew we were in the right direction of our walk. The people of "Es Amunts" is really nice. This lady called Antonia is a neighbor of this place.
And here comes some of the hikers. Loli from Cadiz and Toni from Ibiza.
Carlos from Colombia
and Christina she comes from Denmark.
José and Pedro both locals from Ibiza and here below Conchi show us the two other hikers Luna and Snowy.
The way was not much difficult... and let us enjoy the nature.
In some places the great green offers great views surrounded by olive trees, specially during the afternoon is ending..
The green turns up to yellow due the sunlight.
As we continue the landscape changed a bit, offering pale colour plants that made contrast with the green carob trees.
Just before sunset the vinyeards turn into a landscape with orange colours. These plants still have no leaves, but in future will be green again
The landscape in this area turns impressive with the olive trees with gnarled trunks.
The sunsets in Ibiza are famous, but onto the sea. Today we see a different one, between olive trees. Very nice also.
The part of the cliffs in this excursion will come in another entry very soon.
Below a picture with all the excursion members, except one... That´s me.

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