January 17, 2011


Further the previous entry (the next in this blog) regarding the tour on January 2 in the north of the island, we saw the rural Ibiza and the magnificent countryside of this island of Aubarca and Corona area. Today we look towards the sea and other impressive places we saw that day... the cliffs.
This area called "Es Amunts" (The highs) extends from Cala Salada at the west of the island to Cala de Sant Vicent at the northeast, provides a visual spectacle full of nature. Es Amunts area is not only limited to the coastal zone but also a very important part of the whole mountain area north of the island, where there are numerous valleys and streams.
One of the most characteristic sites in this area are the islets called Ses Margalides. Today we were further north and could only see one leg of those rocks with the fall of the cliff in front of us.Una de las estampas más características de esta zona es la de los islotes Ses Margalides.
Although the name of "Torres d'en lluc" is concerning to some archeological remains that appears to be an ancient wall, among the fishermen is customary to refer with that name that peninsula towers rocks that abruptly appear in front of us and that can be mistaken as small islands, although its real name is Punta de ses torretes. The real Torres d'en lluc towers are other towers that are very different but very close...
The real towers d'en Lluc are lost back in time. So much that even the experts are unable to locate them back in the time. A former defensive fortification that today we can only see their remains and is considered the oldest existing building on the island. Its defensive function is also difficult to determine, although it must deal with the remnants of a larger construction including walls and towers. A historical mystery to solve and may never find the answers.

Should be note that all this entire area "Es Amunts" (The Highs) is located at least 100 meters high and in some areas reaches 400 meters, very important for this island.

The last image already belongs to another area of Es Amunts and belongs to the area of Aubarca (San Mateo d´Aubarca) viewed from the way to go to the torres den lluc. But that area is another story and another day we will talk about it...

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