January 08, 2013


I never noticed before, and one day searching for something that could me serve as a Christmas card for my blog (see next entry) I found them in the cathedral of Ibiza. I have discovered them, at the top of the lateral walls of the temple, where exist square windows, with colorful stained glass with all the heraldic shields of the island . This one, above these lines, belongs to the city of Ibiza or Eivissa in the local language, with its castle above the Mediterranean sea and blue sky background. The city of Ibiza is the one with less territory on the island, despite the most populated of all of them.
This one above, belongs to the municipality of Santa Eulalia, the X-shaped cross as many scottish know well, is called St. Andrew's cross (like the one with the flag of Scotland) but it is also known as San Vincent´s Cross or Santa Eulalia´s cross, (the three saints died on the same way) and refers (in this case) to the main symbol of Santa Eulalia (the main town of the municipality), while the bottom is the heraldic coat of the kings of Aragon. To this municipality belongs also the villages of Nuestra Señora de Jesus, Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera and Sant Carles de Peralta..
Again the shield of the kings of Aragon appears into this shield, this one belongs to the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany. (the flag of the former Kingdom of Aragon appears often, as in 1235 King Jaime I of Aragon reconquered the island). In the midst of it the shield appears in little the court of arms of the city of Ibiza, surrounds the shield a blue stripe with eight symbols that symbolize the eight "bands" of the municipality. The municipality also includes the towns of Santa Agnes de Corona, Sant Rafel de sa Creu and Sant Mateu de Aubarca at the north west of the island.
And so again the banner of the Crown of Aragon appears in this one, which belongs to the municipality of Sant Josep de S'Atalaya, also appear castles, both very repetitive themes in the shields of the island. The municipality covers also the locations Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, Sant Francesc de Sant Agustí S'Estany and Es Vedra, at the south west of the island.
The municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, is the northernmost of the island. The shield here is very different. In this case, a square shaped shield with four smaller squares, where inside them appears the religious symbols of each village in the municipality. Sant Joan de Labritja above all with the shell representing the patron of the town (Saint Joahn). Down, the bible book always carried by San Vicente Ferrer, patron of the village of Sa Cala, both with blue background. On the sides with white background, a scale, representing San Miguel and the other a symbol of Saint Lawrence, (San Lorenzo), a grill.
 Formentera also has its shield, and in its center appears a little castle or a defensive tower (there are several defensive towers circling the island), with blue sea and blue sky. A small shield above the tower belonging to the Crown of Aragon and on both sides of the castle a two spikes of corn, symbol of Formentera and origin of its name. Formentera now has an own council, and until recently had been another municipality of Ibiza and Formentera. It has the people of Sant Francesc Xavier (the main island center), El Pilar de Formentera, Sant Ferran Es Pujols and La Sabina .
And finally the island of Ibiza. The island is represented by a castle on the sea, and the flag of the Kingdom of Aragon. Ibiza Island has all the municipalities that we have seen before.
This is my first entry of the year so I want to wish you all a
HAPPY 2.013

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