February 26, 2010



Placed in the very north of the island, the etymology of the word gives us a track. It is a question of a natural port, and simultaneously a tourist resort but not a crowded one, perfect spot for families. In winter as the rest of the island it is plunged in a lethargy that does the delights for the people who looks for quietness.

Althought is located at the north of the island, the sunsets have a special sheen. The small fishing crafts placed at the coast or those anchored moving with the soft waves inside the port have their beautiness scenary.

Cove Xarraca (above and below pictures) is one of several beaches that we can find in the zone. This one even with a little isle in the middle of the cove, that it is possible to reached easily.

both summer or winter the colour of the sea is just incredible.

Another cove that exist in Portinatx's zone, and below(down) the sight from Portinatx's port, where it is possible to see in the distance the silhouette of Cap des moscater lighthouse. In this point the beaches come to the end, and begin the cliffs of the natural zone wherefrom we are, it calls of Es Amunts.

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