February 22, 2010


In the small and cozy locality of santa Agnès de Corona was not absent the carnival this weekend. A carnival with enough expectation and accompanied of the almond-trees in flower.
From spectacular dresses of Venetian style, or the coal sellers in bicycle, the above mentioned influenced maybe for the famous "sitga" that is in the habit of doing in this village on their "fiesta" of the town at the end of January.

Fiction features are mixed with the numerous walkers that on weekend invaded the small village.

But those who really made the big performance were the adorers of the god Baco, who is in turn the god of the wine, and therefore the one who had major followers, interpreting at all time frenetic dances of all his followers, undoubtedly they were those who came without discretion....!!!

choreographic dancers and many animation they brought in this parade this numerous group. A horse, the god baco and even a Greek temple that they made parade to the whole village...

The party ended by night, and then it was moved to the social lounge of the village.... One more excuse to visit this lovely village, this time with insured animation.
Now we must wait until next year....

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