February 16, 2010


The winter time offers great tranquility that everyone call feel in the whole island. This silence here comes with this rhythmic noise of the sea almost in calmness moving onto the shore. And this sensation of loneliness despite that in beaches like here during the twilight persons are coming with their tripods cameras to catch this magic moment. The "Sol post", it is a local word that only is in use in this island and indicates this moment in which the Sun already has disappeared from the horizon.
Magic as well as the images during this moment which turne into profiles. These profiles of people of all the ages seeing as the Sun falls down, and once the Sun is gone the persons and the colors are playing at transforming little by little in the horizon. In this horizon we can see the great and giant watchtower of the island, the island Es Vedrà. As a curious note, indicate that the name of this beach D'Hort (Cove of the garden) shoul be the same as Cala D'or of Majorca had to take the same name since it is an urbanization resort with names of this island, but for some reason the Cala D'Hort there it was distorted and changed to Cala D'or (Cove of the gold) ... curiosities that have some names.

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