January 10, 2012


Some time ago I took these pictures, I think they are quite appropriate to start the year. They are like a postcards that everytime is more difficult to find them on Ibiza, but if we going out to the countryside and their fields we have many chances to find them. I have found these photographs left in a corner and so I have now the chance to pass a small tribute to a girl of "vila" that enjoy a lot her visits to the countryside of the island.

When I visited other Mediterranean islands such as Malta, Sicily or Sardinia I realized that sheep are different from Ibiza. It turns out that the sheep is a breed native Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. It has several characteristics, but it strikes me that the forms of their wicks are called pyramid schemes. Often with small reddish or black. Although they are generally white wool. This breed was mixed with others from others areas and the peninsula, but thanks to the breeders and its commitment to this breed, this breed of the Ibiza´s sheep has been achieved.

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