December 15, 2011



One of the most spectacular villages of the island is located atop a cliff in the south of the island in an impressive semi-enclosed bay where you can see the spectacular views of the south side of the island. The small town is about this little white church of the XIXth century on the edge of the cliff and where weddings of renowned celebrities and local people as well who choose this beautiful temple as well as its wonderful enviroment to celebrates here their special day.

The sea views are stunning and many of its inhabitants are fishermen who do not have easy access to their boats because they are located down the beach where there are several very simple piers, meanwhile fishers are living on the top around the village.

On the way to the beaches down there are wonderful views that will surprise us on the way down. If important are the neighbors who are engaged in fishing is also important those above and are engaged in farming.

But the area of the cliff and the beach is the most important for those who have their boats and therefore the central axis. Es Cubells and the sea have a special relationship but totally different from other coastal towns on the island and the sea is separated by the height of the coast.

Although its beaches have no sand, but small pebbles, there is always clean water that invite us to take a bath, preferably during summer months.
Es Cubells is also famous for its spectacular mansions that exist in the descent to the coast, stunning houses with swimming pools and all the luxuries needs and no mention to the privileged views of those houses.

Es Cubells has a strange harmony between the interior Ibiza fields on its highest point of the sea and the sea in its coasts, clay cliffs and large tracts of pine trees, docks simple fishing boats and big houses ... everything has its place in this village.

Celebrities have had or still have their houses here. Ursula Andress Among them was the most popular but many others as the composer Mike Oldfield who was inspired by this place to compose his music.

Es Cubells even has its mistical side and thus recalls a sculpture next to the church dedicated to Father Palau y Quer a monk that came from the mainland, who popularized the tradition of the Virgin of Carmen that is so entrenched in this town. This hermit monk lived two stages on the island in 1864 and another at the next year.Incluso

This monk became very popular throughout the island and in Formentera, but it was in the nearby islet of Es Vedra where he spent much of his time living as a hermit and drinking from a natural fountain that exists at the top of the islet and living in one of its caves.

Back in Es Cubells one drinking fountain reminds us of another of the episodes of Father Palau over the island. Very near here put a picture in a small chapel and part of the land in this place that was dry made ​​it a small orchard.

Nowadays Es Cubells is not an isolated place as before, we can enjoy here an enviable peace and tranquility. There is also a Carmelite monastery where you can buy a palautiana route book which explains in detail the life of this religious monk. An interesting book edited by the Carmelite missionary group and I have had the pleasure to cooperate with some of the pictures that appear in the publication.

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