May 08, 2011



The last paradise in the Mediterranean as it is called to Formentera is now gorgeous in the spring, but from now on the small number of visitors every day grows as season advances toward the middle of the hot summer months. But still they have not arrived yet (although they are about to do so) the masses of Italians who with their "motorinos" will change the face of this island.

The turquoise waters reveal that we are in Formentera, which enjoys a spectacular colors and worthy of the best images of the Caribbean, which together with the blue sky as a set of several shades of blue and turquoise that really impress a lot.

From the beach you can access several trails that lead us down the coast of the island and, close to the coast there are some interesting piers or docks houses made ​​of wood and used to keep small boats from Formentera fishers keep them there while their boats are on standby awaiting the return to the sea.

This beach is the only one in the West side of this island, and there is no one around just rocky coast. Its white sands and calm waters make them highly recommended for families and people who love snorkel. Being situated on a bay waters are usually pretty quiet sea.

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