November 25, 2010


Again, when winter arrives, the island is embraced by a blanket of calm that surrounds leaves steeped in a deep sleep, where silence and solitude is the traveling companion for some months.
The visitor may well rediscover the places he knew from a summer, but without the pressure of time and now alone and meditate or simply enjoy a calm landscape where the silence and deep contact with nature is a constant thing in his visit to Ibiza.
The sun's reflection into the sea are just as spectacular now than in summer or perhaps more brilliant as the sun is closer to earth now. The sunsets more beautiful than in summer and the island is waiting to be rediscovered, but this time without the rush, few traffic and without the stress of summer.
In very specific cases this calm will be broken by something, this time by a boat coming from the neighboring Mallorca, an event that is repeated in summer at all times but now it is something to celebrate. The fishing boat is quiet for a moment the uproar by the pass of the giant ship, but within minutes the calm in which they were immersed will back again.
And while S'estanyol with sand covered by posidonea seaweed, sand will remain protected until next summer which will be held again elitist celebration place for weddings where the white clothes is mandatory and the calm will be over.

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