November 06, 2010



Few weeks ago I showed some images of the seabed of the island, now I can show some from another perspective, from above, from the air.
It is interesting to see how Ibiza as a really mountainous island, very green with many pine forests, and how combined the green pine trees with the stunning blue Mediterranean Sea

Ibiza from the air show many mountains. As the most mountainous island in the Balearics. While height is not much important, so highest point is only 475 meters high. It is also easy to see the steep costs as we see above are the beautiful forms of large cliffs and large islets.

Just after take off from the airport to the west, we are immediately over the sea and looking back we see the long pebble beach which is "is Codolar".

One of the most impressive sight is the islet of "Es Vedra" that highs climb untill 382 meters above sea level, and remains proud and vigilant at the southwest coast of the island. Magic point of the island which is famous for the alleged extraterrestrial contacts and bases in that area. It´s said that this is a point with mesmerizing to the island where a lot of energy flowing from there.
Another famous islet is located at the west is conejera (not be confused with the namesake island that is located near the island of Cabrera) and according to one legend attributes the birth of the conqueror Hannibal in it. Currently it is famous the silhouette of the islet in the magnificent sunsets looked from the San Antonio town.
Sant Antoni is a town that is visible from the air, where we have a small overview of the port and vessels.
From the air we can see also the island of Formentera converted into a full scale map but viewed from afar. Are visible the two ponds, the largest "S'Estany Pudent" belonging to their salt and the smallest is a large natural harbor for small boats called "S'Estany des Peix"

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