May 16, 2016


Located few kilometers from Santa Eulalia, between Santa Eulalia and the Es Canar tourist resort, we can find this beautiful cove of white sand and surrounded by pine trees. Surrounded by few bars and some hotels which are outside from the beach and make it a familiar and quiet beach.
Perhaps the pier (that sometimes serves as a makeshift trampoline to jump directly into the sea) is one of the most remarkable things about this quiet beach.
This beach is ideal for families since the water is not very deep and it is usually protected from the winds. It is not a very large cove as it has a length of 200 meters.
Now in spring,  but also in autumn and on winter, it is great  for a sunbathe, because during summer is much more busy, but the rest of the year usually is very quiet.
Some of the pines surrounding the beach have the shape the wind is sculped on them, adding the green color into the landscape that contrasts with the blue of the crystal clear waters of this beach, in addition to the native pine trees also this beach has some palm trees giving you a tropical touch.

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