February 28, 2016


the sand of this beach is black, although is not volcanic but anyway is unusual to find in Ibiza beaches with sand as dark as this one. Although currently I dont visit often this beach as I did when child and always  this beach is in my memory because it is one of the beaches where I most enjoyed thanks to its (sometimes) huge waves.
Clayey materials from their small cliffs that surround it must have some guilt sand color, far from removing beauty, can even say it adds.
The beach is ideal for its waves, because usually its waters are quite moved, maybe that's why my memories with this beach are great because almost every time I went there when small, I enjoyed on the water with air mattress or pulling myself directly towards into the strong waves which broked on the shore of the beach.
Anyhow the beach is not very big, and although it is located in the east side of the island, I must say that there are enough hours of sun, and the beach itself faces the South and this gives more hours of sunlight than others of that area, which are very limited.
Surrounded by cliffs, with a bright water and almost always with waves and dark sand, that is certainly a unique beach of this kind. It has a small beach bar. It is accessed by a concrete staircase because you have to leave the car at some point at the top of a cliff, at that parking atop and next to where the vehicles are left there are also two larger restaurants. This is a beach for everyone though perhaps limited by the large rungs of the steps and is not recommended for people with mobility problems.

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