April 12, 2014



In processions and celebrations the Holy Week of Ibiza is not really popular if we compare with those of Sevilla or Zamora, Valladolid, Murcia or Cuenca, where they are really known. The Holy Week processions in Ibiza are much simpler and not so famous, but have not been few people from many different countries who have told me that they were pleasantly surprised at the beauty of this celebration in such a unique setting as the walled city of Dalt Vila, the ancient old town of Ibiza.

The narrow, winding streets help in this quiet and devotional celebration, and  makes it even more impressive the Good Friday procession in the late evening. Larger images barely fit through some of the narrow streets, so, in these streets, the procession proceeds much slower than in the downtown, newer area, where subsequently the streets become wider. Sometimes in some places the number of public is limited because there is very little place indeed.

In some parts of the procession, we can enjoy the spectacular backdrop of the ancient city walls. the bible story mix with the history of this city. These ancient walls once defended the walled area of the ancient city that were heavily protected from pirates attacks, and other threats. Perfect backdrop then, for the Good Friday traditional procession that is further enhanced by the beauty of these walls.

During the Holy Week that starts the previous friday  the Good Friday, the streets are the scene of various processions to be held for several specific days,  but the most important is the one which is held on Good Friday evening. The city illuminates their walls to the passage of the different images, ranging through the streets of the city. As I said before, is not the most popular procession of Spain, but may be the one with the most spectacular setting, with its city walls that are among the best preserved in the Mediterranean, and that in 1999 the UNESCO declared World Heritage Site.

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