March 25, 2014



Boundless imagination, streets full of color and choreography, and even laughter or moments for reflection because sometimes the features exposed by the people who participate are present characters, although there are also classics that are a must in a carnival.

Ibiza in carnivals can not compete with Rio de Janeiro, nor Tenerife, but there is no doubt that the streets are animated and filled with colorful with the cavalcade of this popular and local carnival held every year on Carnival Sunday. And the proof: these images that show that imagination and ingenuity are not lacking. From the Disney classics like The Lion King, where they staged a spectacular choreography.

And also the  Latins rhythms, percussion and dance during the hours-long parade, that passes through the main streets of the city. In the picture a group who brought to Ibiza, the island rhythms of Cuba.

The word "Carnival"  is always linked with Brazil, so there is always some Brazilian reminiscent, also here in the Carnival of Ibiza, which is quite international. Anyway the temperatures in February in Ibiza are a bit differents from the carioca country, but fortunately this year we were lucky, and the sun shone the whole time on the parade.

Ibiza´s carnival also mention some issues of the island. Here the huge parade of urchins, a very ibicenc animal that becomes every time less usual in the island fields. This is a tribute to this animal that is almost made of thousands spikes.

The aviation was present on several occasions, and in this participation there were  various colored planes made of baloons, which was dedicated to the 40 airmen. A very "retro" fashion and features.

This one was also about aviation, and to the fashion, was included a live music concert with a wonderful coreography.

Egypt, the ancient and powerful Egypt was also present into the Ibiza streets, the group performed on a spectacular choreography and very colorful costumes of the ancient Egypt era.

The carnival of Venice is worldwide famous. For those who could not go there this time, a group brought the Venice carnival here, a group dressed with elegant costumes through the city.

the imagination in carnival is very vast indeed, and also the characters in stories have their place here. Kings, princes, soldiers, maids.... etc. In the picture above the members of an association recreates the story of "Rapunzel".

The great classics are also present here, although the day was beautiful and very very sunny, a huge group performed the "singing in the rain", so the umbrellas this time were useful for the spectacular coreagrafia that these young people did.

The Carnival says goodbye, until next year, when the next carnival Sunday 2015 will be held once more, this parade through the Ibiza streets offering colourful and happiness.

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