May 02, 2013


Despite the fame of its nightclubs and nightlife, Ibiza is increasingly popular among athletes, due some events that began with no much interest, but nowadays are increasingly more popular and international. For example, there are important sporting events on the island like Ibiza Island as the "quadriatlón Isla de Ibiza" and others, where even foreigners athletes are coming into Ibiza to participate in them, and the triathlon called "home of ferro" (iron man) which hosts the championship of Spain.
In Ibiza is also practiced sea sports, such as windsurfing, katesurf, diving .., etc.. But Ibiza is an ideal place for hiking, trekking, nordic walking and even often both road cycling as "mountain bike", but also popular motocross motorcycling as prove these images of this entry.
Due the mountainous morphology of the island, there are many paths between mountains and unpaved, which are the delight of motorcycle enthusiasts. Nothing like feeling a little speed on paths surrounded by nature and autoctonous flora such as pines and junipers around.
The back ones must stand the dust raised wheels of those ahead, producing a while charged atmosphere, while they go either up or down through the hard road full of stones.
Occasionally some members of the group prefers to stop and relax for enjoying those magnificent views that the island offers in some prime locations, leaving aside their companions with the engines noise, to enjoy for a while of the scenery with the silence in contrast to the activity of motorcycling.

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  1. I absolutely love the photo with the rock!(the last one).It seems like you have a real passion for your place:)I went to Ibiza and Formentera last year and loved it:)