May 17, 2013


This entry is dedicated to these trees that exists in big number in both Ibiza and Formentera. But it´s in Formentera may be, due to that dry land that the size of these tree have huge dimensions and is easy to see it. Not only the size of the tree will draw to the traveler attention but also with which careful dedication of the land owners care the tree branches in order to not reach the ground, placing them props for the branches not to fall and rise above ground level.
The fig tree is a tree biblical, which already is an example of resurrection, as in winter the tree looks died, and only we can see their bare trunks during its rest, but in summer lives again, from the spring, where suddenly transforms into a green plant with its huge green leaves covering the tree and also offers its delicious fruits, the figs..
winding brunches are visible to those who will approach these trees, although not need more care than those whose owner don´t want them their branches are off the ground (so it will be much easier to be picked up the fruit), for this tree so resistant that also will offer some delicious figs and also a welcome shade in the countryside, while all around exists the burning sun of summer season, here both people and animals usually rest under the tree shadow, where often many sheeps and goats grazing on the island have their rest on midday.
Some centenarians fig trees became very popular on the island. Some of them were underpinned by over 200 braces, in this case would be the famous fig tree, of Formentera, a tree that some decades ago became a legend, and although I have searched I have not found it (yet), or maybe I've seen it and did not know it was that one; the truth is that in any of the roads of Formentera is located with authentic giants specimens of figtrees. In any case it is hard to understand how the most famous icon of Formentera are the lizards (which are beautiful and very abundant) and has put aside this tree that is a true symbol of this island.

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