October 25, 2012


Autumn has come, now there are less tourists and it's time to start doing some winter hiking. This is another thing. Tourists who remain are the ones that comes here lifetime, those who know the island well, and they don´t want to come in July or August to avoid overcrowding mass. So today is the day to visit the Santa Eulalia´s River, the only river that exist out the spanish mainland.
Here we find a bridge (although there are many) and is located in a very nice area. It´s named as Pont de Can Font, and pass down the old way of Labritja. Today the municipality of Santa Eulalia (second largest population center of Ibiza) decided to leave a plaque to remember the ancient history of this road.
To get to the Pont de Can Font at this time of year, we must go by a torrent full of weeds and reeds with leaves that we must be aware, because they can cut like a knife .... This river in Roman times was named as River Valcar .
From one of the shores out of the River, we can see from afar the "Puig de Missa" in Santa Eulalia. A small hill crowned by the main church of the population, as well as several white houses that surround it. We can also see an old water mill in other side, and to top it all in a natural setting with an enviable tranquility..

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