October 02, 2012


The resort of San Antonio has a new attraction. This time we can go high and is perhaps the best places on the island where it could be located due to the impressive views onto the bay. On one hand we see the area of the countryside on the other, the big show ... The spectacular San Antonio´s bay, its beaches, harbor, boats and the far distance little islets called "ponent islets".
Both day and night, it's a good idea to take the around fifteen minutes flight to heaven, and have a privileged view and enjoy of the silence of the great heights with these spectacular views.
Suitable for everyone older and young it will not be indifferent, to see a piece of island from the air. And even best, if there´s the sunset. That famous sunset so loud somewhere nearby, has nothing to do with this one, so privileged because of the height that separates us from the earth ... then comes the time to go down and the back to reality, but for a while we left, not only our imaginations fly but ourselves too.

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  1. Most people are driving crazy in all there might just to get an income of outcomes. Forgetting to enjoy one selves, for the reason that more awakes on it. That's why they dragged them selves to a resort to make their feelings relaxed and enjoy every moment that they never felt when they are in work. Life is worth enjoying, how can you enjoy if your always getting rid of your work?.